I have just met Sona Jobarteh. Sona who? Some of you are asking. Sona Jobarteh, the great Kora player and singer from Gambia.

She is only 34 but when her fingers pluck Kora, the 21-stringed African harp, they emit centuries of music. Am not just being dramatic because Sona is actually from one of the five principal Kora-playing Griot families from West Africa. In case you are scratching your head wondering what Griot is, here it is - historian, storyteller, praise singer, poet and/or musician. Essentially, a Griot is an art Guru and the entire West Africa has five prominent Griot families. Sona is from one of them. This means that members of her family have been playing Kora for centuries.

Before I tell you more about her, let me clarify that I didn’t actually meet her in person, though I wish I had. Rather, I met her in YouTube.