Africa Youth Trust: I am currently serving as the Chairman of the Africa Youth Trust, a Youth Organization that has a mandate for mobilizing and working with youth from across Africa.

Founded legally in 2005, AYT began operations in 2007 and subsequently employed dozens of young people in full-time jobs, while providing internship and volunteerism opportunities to dozens more.  AYT’s work now spans across the entire East African region. I am a co-founder of this organisation and I have served as Chairman since its inception.

Kenya Voluntary Development Association: Between 2001 and 2003, I was the Chairman of Kenya Voluntary Development Association (KVDA). As Chairman, I was responsible for the general overall management of the two-thousand member, fifty-year-old national membership organization with international partners across the world. KVDA facilitated the voluntary service of hundreds of volunteers from across the world.

Million Youth Action (MIYA): In 2008 when Kenya was right in the middle of the post-election violence that claimed thousands of lives and left thousands more injured, I founded a youth movement known as the Million Youth Action (MIYA). This movement had a singular goal of unifying both rural and urban youth in Kenya to embrace peace and national cohesion as they shunned tribalism. MIYA held several weekend forums in different parts of Kenya and brought together more than fifty youth organizations and hundreds of youth in a quest for peace. MIYA was completely self-funded by the young people themselves.

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