EcoForum Journal: Between 2012 and 2014, I was the Editor of EcoForum Journal. This Journal which was founded in the seventies as an environmental magazine was the oldest was in Kenya. It was published by the Environment Liaison Center International. The journal’s articles were well-researched, well written, informative and entertaining.

RITIMO: I wrote an article for a journal that was published by RITIMO a well-known French organization that focuses on the freedom of information, amongst other critical issues. I was one of the experienced writers from across the world who were featured in the journal. You can read the article here.

Contemprary Review Journal (UK Journal): I wrote two articles for Contemporary Review in 2001 and 2003. The first one explore gender inequality in Africa while the second one analysed global terrorism within a Kenyan context.

Peace Forum: I wrote an article on volunteerism and environmentalism for Peace Forum, a South Korean Journal. You can download the article here.

Gaudeamus (Swedish Magazine): In 2008, I wrote an article for a Swedish magazine about the bittersweet experience of Kenyan universities. Read it here.

Jungle.World (German Magazine): During different occasions in 2011, I wrote three articles for a German magazine known as Jungle.World. The first article about insecurity in the Horn of African. You can read the article here. The second article was about Rwanda's unique experience as it continues taking useful strides away from the genocide. You can read this article here. Later the same year, I wrote another article for the same magazine about the grassroots climate change movement in Africa. You can read it here.

Inter Press Service News Agency: In 2008, I wrote a highly controversial but vital story about Biofuels in Kenya. This story helped in furthering important conversations on biofuels and food security. Read it here.

The Indypendent (American Magazine): In January 2008, I wrote a syndicated article for this magazine. It was about my personal experience in the immediate aftermath of Kenya's ill-fated 2007 elections. This was one of the most difficult articles that I ever wrote. You can read it here. I am the Chief Editor and Lead Writer of, an online magazine that uses creative writing to popularize, enhance and entrench sustainability in Africa.

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