Radio France International: I am the local correspondent for Radio France International (RFI). My highly informative audio stories can be found to at this link:

My coverage for RFI has taken me across Kenya as I conducted hundreds of interviews that led to powerful stories. I have always believed that the story of Africa must always be told in the authentic, powerful voice that can be heard and felt in these audio stories.

Sud Nord Funk: I have done several audio features for Sud Nord Funk, a German Radio station. One of my favourite was a feature that sought to take the listener behind the scenes of Kenya’s great athletic success. Listen to it here. I also did another feature that focused on the effect on climate change on Kenya's small scale farmers. I have been a climate change activist for almost two decades so this feature resonated very loudly with me. Listen to it here. Further to these two, it was my great joy to also do an audio feature known as 'voice for the voiceless.' It is about Koch FM, Nairobi's first ever community radio station. Listen to it here. I believe in the shared humanity of all of us in this world irrespective of our origin, race, religion or class. I was therefore happy to work on another feature about Somali and Congolese refugees in Kenya. Their never-say-die spirit should be an inspiration to all to look beyond their refugee status and reach out to them. Listen to this audio feature here.

Indymedia: I am the co-founder of Kenya’s chapter of the Independent Media Centre (Indymedia). Indymeda is a global grassroots media movement that is an early pioneer of the social media concept. In 2007, I played a lead role in converging global Indymedia activists to Kenya for the World Social Forum. After the Forum, these activists joined Indymedia Kenya in establishing Equator FM in Maseno University. This was one of Kenya’s first ever campus community radio station. Eight years later in 2015, I attended another World Social Forum which was hosted in Tunis Tunisia. While there I spoke widely about enhancing the people's voice in today's society. My thoughts were well received prompting the Brazillian media to write about them. You can read more on this here. 

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