As the founder and Captain (CEO) of Sasafrica Productions, I coordinate Sasafrica’s work in Kenya and Rwanda. Sasafrica initially produced short films whose actors were mainly drawn from Kibera slums. Thereafter, Sasafrica’s work extended to production of audio news and features that were showcased and shared online.

Apart from film and audio, Sasafrica also provides strategic communications consultancy. We have in the past used strategic communications as a tool of linking SMEs, women groups and youth groups from Lamu Island and Wasini Island to investors. In Wasini Island which is located in Kenya’s South Coast, Sasafrica  trained three local organizations in strategic communications. These organizations are Wasini Women Group, Wasini Beach Management Unit and Wasini Youth Group.

In addition, Sasafrica worked with several other organizations, communities and institutions in Kenya to empower them through film, creative features and enhanced communication skills. In Nairobi, Sasafrica has produced a powerful film documentary and a book for The Youth Congress, Miss Koch and Koch FM, three well-known youth organizations from Nairobi. Koch FM is the city’s first ever community radio station.

Sasafrica later expanded its work to the East African region. In Burundi, it worked with UNDP Burundi to coordinate an experiential learning trip for tourism stakeholders in Burundi’s government and private sector. In Rwanda, Sasafrica produced a film documentary, a magazine and a book for ARAMA, one of the leading Rwandan organizations in the fight against Gender Based Violence.

In 2017, I guided Sasafrica to start Sasafrica.Shop, an online store that prides itself as Africa’s marketplace for African products.

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